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Jump Fest University makes it possible for anyone to learn directly from the world's best parkour pioneers. Keynote Lectures and Classes currently available online include Max Henry (jumping mechanics), Christopher Hollingsworth (twisting technique), Dylan Baker (overcome fear), Cordelia Storm (stretching techniques), Vinnie Coryell (motivation), Brian Prince (value your work), Tyson Cecka (SturdyMade), Joey Adrian (competition prep), Ryan Doyle (living the dream).

Jump Fest University takes a unique approach to online learning by working with globally-recognized parkour instructors, athletes, and pioneers to create a new kind of class. We provide a platform for parkour experts to share their wisdom to the masses, so we can raise the parkour community’s baseline of knowledge and understanding. Our panel discussions and keynote lectures are filmed lived during Jump Fest retreats where practitioners not only learn from, but live with our experts for an entire week! Our classes are directed by Justin Sheaffer (Tranquil Movement) and Noah Mittman (Snowman Films) and filmed to give an intimate look into the minds and techniques of the parkour world’s masters. We can’t wait for you to explore our classes!


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